NYOS - youth - 7"

Brand new 7" from this great band from Finland.

The story to this release is really nice: Our friends in NYOS crashed at our place late last year when they were on tour. Besides drinking lots of coffee and eating some cake, we also asked them if they'd be interested in seeing the lathe at our work: a Neumann VMS80 with a SP79 Console. 

Since Tom is also a sound engineer and Tuomas working at a record shop: we thought they might be interested. And they were! 

And since the two of us are totally into their band, we just asked them if they'd have some unreleased songs. So one thing lead to another and we "by accident" made a new record.

The unreleased title song has a certain post-punk approach, which nicely adds to their absolutely unique style. The Flipside has a "live-in-the-studio"-version of one of their songs from last year's "nature" LP. 

So you see: we just had a nice day together and made some records. That was really something special for us. Hope you like it! 

File under: Instrumental, Math Rock, Post Rock, Doom.

Pressing Info: The limited edition comes on solid white and black marbled vinyl, only 100 were made of this version. The "standard" edition comes on semi-transparent turquoise vinyl.


*** Release Date: January, the 28th, 2017 *** 

MMR #019