GORGONOISID come from Frankfurt / Germany, and this is their first LP. The band consists of ex- and current members of CONFUSED, GOLDEN GORILLA, CAPTAINPOPAPTAIN, BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS, GUNMOB, etc. This should already tell you a lot about these guys. 

We're very happy to release this record, since it's some really unique stuff going on here. I'm always thinking of a mix of early sludge bands like BUZZOV-EN, 16 or NOOTHGRUSH mixed with Noiserock like THE JESUS LIZARD or SCRATCH ACID. But then again, this also has some really slow stuff on it. I can already tell you: an insane record... like a cry of despair through a hold shut mouth.

There will be a special Pre-Order / Release-Show - Edition of the record. This will contain a one sided 7", with "Monsternachahmer (Blackfaced-version)" sung by 10-year old Jayboss. The blank side of the record will have a picture record label. Hell yeah! Strictly limited to 100 copies.

Pressing Info: 300 copies on black vinyl. 100 of those w/ one sided Picture 7" as bonus. All 300 copies come with download code.

*** Released: October the 2nd, 2015 ***

MMR #010