Debut album by the Freiburg Deutsch-Punk Band SCHEISSEDIEBULLEN. If you're into classic german Punk, check this out. First press of 500 copies on CD and 500 copies of the vinyl version. Comes as split label release with the band's own label PRESZSPANPLATTEN. 

I completely love this record, playing it nearly every day for one and a half months now!

But let the band speak for themselves:

About the Band: 4 guys of completely unknown bands playing punk rock no one liked 15 years ago? Close!! Faces are familiar in cozy Freiburg in southwestern Germany. You keep going to the same rallies and hate the same racist scum.....So, out of joint political activities and lots of beers grows friendship, and from friendship and shared love for guitars arise plans to start a band. Add some nice rehearsal spot and a guy you always loved to see playing amazing strings in a state close to black-out drunk, and you get punk rock. Still, no one liked that 15 years ago. But that's not what it is about. 

Said situation occurred around 2009. In an instant the 4 guys managed to write around 20 songs and started playing live as scheissediebullen. Still, it took them another 2 or 3 years to start recording and another 6 months to get anything mixed out of that crap. Following the D.I.Y. spirit the band managed on their own to record with Martin Hub in Karlsruhe and to publish the first CD “AUFSCHWUNG” on their freshly started label “PRESZSPANPLATTEN” together with the Karlsruhe-based label of “META MATTER RECORDS”.

Info on the CD / LP: 19 songs in German language on CD with around 45 minutes running time. Recording, artwork and production was mainly done by the band itself, while the publication was a collaboration of the band's own label “PRESZSPANPLATTEN” and the incredibly cool people of “META MATTER RECORDS".

I can only say "Thank you!" to the guys in SDB for letting us being part of this incredibly cool project. The vinyl record comes on colored vinyl (all 500 copies in red & black marbled) and in a inside-out printed heavy cardboard sleeve. It also features a nice lyrics-inlay and also a CD with all the songs from the record!

Check them out here:

*** CD: Released March 2013 ***
*** Vinyl: Released August 2013 ***

MMR #003