DIAVOLO ROSSO - demo & more - LP

This record contains the demo tape along with songs from various compilations and some unreleased tracks. It has cover songs by RKL, Attitude Adjustment, Crucifix and Poison Idea - this might give you an idea, how DIAVOLO ROSSO sound like. 

First press came on smokey-transparent'n'black (some with yellow splatter) 180g vinyl and in a totally nice sceenprinted cover. The first pressing was limited to 108 copies. This is sold out.

The second press is now available. Again with a nice silk-screen cover, this time in red and black. By coincidence, it's again 108 copies. We have different vinyl colors this time: 

  • red (transparent): 30 copies
  • smokey-transparent'n'black: 9 copies
  • blue (transparent): 6 copies
  • transparent: 35 copies
  • black: 28 copies

The record is a split label release with PRÜGELPRINZ RECORDS from Mannheim, Germany.

Check the band out here: http://diavolorosso.bandcamp.com

There was also a limited run of Picture LPs, there was 24 of these which came with the first press. These are sold out. Here are some pictures:

Here's the cover artwork of the first press:

*** First press: Released July 2013 (sold out) ***
*** Picture - LPs: Released July 2013 (sold out) ***
*** Second press: Released October 2013 (still available, last copies!) ***

MMR #004