MESSED. - messed. - 12" 45rpm

Noiserock from Karlsruhe / Landau (Germany). Debut 12" from messed. Features ex- and current members of French Nails, Ghost of Wem, and Kaishakunin. Comes on 180g black vinyl with LP cover with glossy finishing and center hole (only on the frontside). Also contains 7 glossy DIN-A-6- Inlays Frontside with art from drummer Dave, backside 6x lyrics + 1x credits).

Pressing Info: 200 copies. 150 records on black vinyl (Meta Matter Edition). 50 records on black-and-blue-marbles vinyl (Band Edition). These 50 copies come with additional metal-plate w/center hole and a screenprint on it as second cover and will only be sold by the band on their concerts.


*** Release Date: November, the 1st, 2016 ***

MMR #016