Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Next releases are coming fast!

The next two releases will be up for order by the end of the week. We expect the STAND DER DINGE LPs to be here at our place beginning of next week, and the VON DRAKUS LPs not very long after that - maybe one week later, we still wait for the covers to arrive at one guys place. But we can start the selling / wholesale / trading - thing next weekend, i guess. 

Sadly, it didn't work that the STAND DER DINGE records arrived for their Release-Party last friday. I phoned with the shipping company on thursday morning and was told that the records are on the truck and should be delivered the same day if everything will work... but the lady also told me she can not promise. Friday was a holiday in Germany, so this was really the last chance. Of course, the records did not arrive on thursday. They came on monday then. Well, well, well... this sucked for everyone involved as you could imagine.

The third release is the first album of GORGONOISID from Frankfurt / Germany. The band consists of ex- and current members of CONFUSED, GOLDEN GORILLA, CAPTAINPOPAPTAIN, BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS, GUNMOB, etc. This should already tell you a lot about these guys. We're very happy to release this record, since it's some really unique stuff going on here. I'm always thinking of a mix of early sludge bands like BUZZOV-EN, 16 or NOOTHGRUSH mixed with Noiserock like THE JESUS LIZARD or SCRATCH ACID. But then again, this also has some really slow stuff on it. I can already tell you: an insane record... like a cry of despair through a hold shut mouth. We're doing this one complete on our own, so anyone willing to buy or trade: please get in touch! The cutting was already done and we will get the testpressings by the end of next week. We still wait for the artwork to be finished. This will a pressing of 300 records, all on black vinyl. It may take some time till the records are finished. I can tell you more in the next two weeks.

Meanwhile, i want to show you this: on the bands and the screenprinters facebook there were already some photos of the STAND DER DINGE covers. Amazing, isn't it?