Saturday, 26 July 2014

GOLDEN GORILLA & B.SON - live videos

Here's a live video from this year's TOWERS OF MADNESS - festival. It's a song from the GOLDEN GORILLA- s/t - LP, released in 2006. And i also have some news concerning the label: The band already recorded their side for the upcoming split LP with GHOST OF WEM. The latter have just begun recording their songs. We hope to finish the recordings in august.

And here's a part of a new B.SON song, which we played at this year's DRÄSCHFESCHD. It's a cover of an old metal song, and the proper studio recordings of the whole song will be released sometime on a tribute compilation on FUCKING-KILL-RECORDS. We finished the recordings of this song already, it was recorded at the same time as the upcoming Mini-LP for the label. We still have to do some vocal recording for some of the songs of the Mini-LP, and then do the mixing and mastering. Still: no need to hurry!