Saturday, 10 May 2014


Both the CRUEL FRIENDS and the SHINY BROWN 7"es are finished now. You can contact KINK RECORDS or us if you want some. The price is € 3.50 each.

Both records are a cooperation of KINK RECORDS and META MATTER RECORDS.

Distro-people can, of course, also contact either KINK or us.

There was a pre-release version of the CRUEL FRIENDS record for their tour in april. But apart from the fact that the tour singles were pressed on heavier vinyl, there is no difference to the current pressing. So now the normal mailorder version is also ready... intense grinding hardcore, with people from Karlsruhe and Stra├čbourg . For fans of HHIG, SLUMP, GUNMOB,...

And the SHINY BROWN - strawberries - 7 " comes – of course! - on brown vinyl, packed in a nice and heavy foldout cover. The guys from Basel and Freiburg hammer through 7x Hardcore / Thrash Core / Fast Core songs, that makes your ears feel dizzy afterwards. For fans of CUT THE SHIT, REPOS, CHARLES BRONSON,...


Here are photos of this two smoking hot 45RPMs: