Tuesday, 11 February 2014

FRENCH NAILS - s/t - LP... available from us!

I love this record. Since I'm really into the band, i bought some copies from Twisted Chords Records, who released this amazing LP. Lena and me both agree that this is one of the hottest new bands at the moment. It's a mixture of noise rock and emotional hardcore.... that word sucks, I know, but those who are into bands like Monorchid, Jawbox, Fugazi, Rites of Spring, Jesus Lizard, Shellac will dig this excellent record! Comes with a sticker and a download code. The French Nails, by the way, are ex-members of Trend, Man vs. Humanity, Kaishakunin and Rammers. You can listen to the recordings here: http://frenchnails.bandcamp.com

The record is 10.- € plus postage. I will have some with me at the next Diavolo Rosso and Ghost of Wem shows.