Monday, 16 September 2013

DIAVOLO ROSSO - repress - out soon!

We're doing a re-press of the DIAVOLO ROSSO - demo & more - LP. The records will be ready in the next few weeks. The second pressing will also be around 100 copies and comes with a red artwork this time. The vinyl color will also be different than first time, we already have around 30 copies in red-transparent vinyl and some small amount in black/transparent, and there will be more in either red, simple black or transparent.... we will have to see. If you'd like to have the record, drop us a line. I don't expect it to sell as fast as the first pressing, but who knows? The first pressing was sold out within a few days. So better hurry up...

Also in the planning is the SHINY BROWN 7". The band is located in Freiburg and Basel, and you can expect some crazy hardcore mayhem from these thrashers. The 7" will be a co-operation with KINK RECORDS.

There are more projects, which are not ready to be announced yet, but we're very satisfied with all these cool records we have in the pipeline.