Friday, 26 April 2013

SHADOW OF THE TORTURER, GHOST OF WEM, DARK THARR - Mini Tour - one more show needed!

We're still in search for one last date on the 11th of may. It's even a saturday!!!! We will play everywhere which is possible from the distance, no problem!!!

You can check out the bands here:

Still, it would be highly appreciated if you could help us out.

These are the dates:
09.05 Gießen - AK44 - Matinee Show (it's a holiday!)
10.05 Köln AZ
11.05 - ............NEED HELP!!!............
12.05 Frankfurt - Klapperfeld (without S.O.T.T.)

You can get in touch here:

Thank you, Stef - MMR / GOW